RELAX – a state of ease rather than tension.  When we unlock the chronic clench, we make way for greater ease, creativity, and fulfillment.  

It all starts with an exhale, releasing tension in your body and your brain.  Then inhaling down into your lower belly, hips, legs, feet. This doesn’t have to take hours or even minutes.  

You can do it anywhere while you’re in the midst of activity. No one needs to know but you!

That’s why it’s the first practice in shifting our state.  Use it all the time. It’s the reset button.  

When you mind is busy, you can’t receive fresh energy.  You just go around and around.

Rather than tensing our muscles and mind, we open and let fresh energy flow in to replace old stuck energy. 

As the body and brain learn to trust relaxing, we can cultivate an expanding state of ease and openness that’s just a breathe away.

The more you RELAX, the more available you are to receive.  


ENJOY – a state of pleasure and delight. When we enjoy, there is a natural softening in the muscles and the mind, oxygen moves more freely.  Our mood brightens.

Great ideas come without working hard, they just “occur” to us because we’re more available.  We experience deeper appreciation of who and what populates our world including ourselves. 

When we enjoy, we savor, feel grateful and generous.  We expand. When we are open and happy, it’s easy for new things/opportunities to be delivered to us.  

We are in a fluid state, not sticky or stuck.  We’re spacious as we engage in creative energy rather than struggle energy.

The more you ENJOY, the more available you are to receive.  


LOVE – a state of inclusion and expansion.  It creates the underlying conditions to make peace with life, with others, and with yourself.  You become a walking invitation to all the good in your life. It’s now free to flow in.

It’s about clearing energy so you can stay fresh in every moment, not crowded by worry or resentment or keeping score.  When we let love become our essence – our natural state, we become less reactive and more creative.   

Free of squeezing ourselves shut, we expand effortlessly and find good everywhere including in ourselves.  We are irresistible to our good.    

The more you LOVE, the more available you are to receive.


The notes above are from Victoria Castle, seasoned embodiment coach, colleague of Sarah’s, and lifelong advocate of being happy and effective at the same time. She is the instigator of the Relax Enjoy Love mugs and other gear.  And it’s her original artwork that is our logo.  Watch for her videos coming soon.

These principles come from the work of Sarah McCrum who has studied energy for over 20 years and teaches internationally on energy, money and other liberating topics.


“Relax, enjoy, and love” is the essence
of unlimited giving and receiving.